8 Tips for Trading Binary Options

By FuturesMag.com

There are a lot of tools, tricks and tips for trading binary options which can turn you into a better trader. One of these tools is a good pack of binary options trading signals. In spite of the usefulness of binary options trading signals, there are a lot of small tips that can help you become a better trader without the need to use fancy indicators – throughout this article we will go over 8 binary options trading tips.

1. Know about the Binary Options Market and Get the Right Tools

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EUR/GBP: Stuck In A Sideways Trend

Original story by Investing.com

Today’s Binary Options Trading Strategy:

• Currency Pair: EUR/GBP • Timeframe: H4 (Hourly Chart) • Binary Option Trading Recommendation: Seek binary call options on dips below 0.7975 • Upside Potential: The upside potential for this binary call option is 60 pips to 0.8035 • Downside Potential: The downside potential for this binary call option is 15 pips to 0.7960

The preceding correction was initiated after this currency pair reached an intra-day high of 0.8310 on April 11th 2014. The current bullish bias can be attributed to a series of lower lows and higher highs which formed over the past few trading weeks.

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European Energy Exchange Hits Highest Trading Volumes of the Year

By Adil Siddiqui, ForexMagnates.com

Derivatives trading activity in the growing power trading markets have seen trading volumes increase as volatility in global energy markets spills over into power instruments. Leipzig headquartered, European Energy Exchange (EEX) reported trading volumes for the month of July. The German trading venue saw its metrics reach a record high for 2014.

The volumes generated in power trading on the EEX continue to develop positively, in July EEX achieved 149 TWh, the highest volume on the Power Derivatives Market this year.

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How To Trade Binary Options

  • Up Down
  • One Touch
  • Options Builder
  • 60 Seconds

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