Forex Trading Guide: U.K. Retail Sales


In today’s edition of my Forex Trading Guide, let’s zoom in on another potential market-mover for the week: the U.K. retail sales release. Let’s stick to our usual routine of understanding why this report is important, what happened last time, what is expected, and how the pound might react, shall we?

Why is this report important?

The U.K. retail sales report measures the month-on-month growth of sales on the retail level. It basically measures whatever British consumers spend their hard earned pounds on. This includes household goods, clothing, footwear, fuel and other consumer goods.

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Forex Trading News: FXCM Faces $200,000 Fine for NFA Breaches

By Adil Siddiqui, Forex

Forex Trading News – New York Based FX Firm FXCM Facing a $200 000 Fine

US financial regulator for derivatives organizations, the National Futures Association (NFA), has issued a monetary penalty to New York listed brokerage firm, FXCM. The broker is reported to have breached a number of regulatory rulings, these include dealing with an unregistered firm and for the failure to report trading data.

The fine comes during a sensitive period for global FX markets, as investigations into currency rates manipulation by banking staff has caused friction in the markets.

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Fair Value in Binary Options Trading

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One of the main benefits of binary options is that the price of binaries offers insight into what the markets believe the odds are for a particular action. With outright futures or options there are a myriad of fundamental and technical factors to look at and price can move anywhere—up, down or sideways and then quickly change direction—typically without any notice.

Binary option contracts are simple yes/no questions that allow the end user to take a position in a particular market because he thinks price is moving in a certain direction, or because he thinks a certain upcoming event will cause the market to move in a certain direction, in a specified time frame.

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How To Trade Binary Options

  • Up Down
  • One Touch
  • Options Builder
  • 60 Seconds