Forex and Binary Options Industry Still Evolving in Israel


Israel is well-known for its role in the technology industry, with hardware and software origination from the country found in products and websites of many of the largest companies of the world. Lesser known is Israel’s innovation in financial technology (fintech). Led by many Forex and binary options related firms, Israel is becoming both a creator of new financial categories and providing innovation to existing solutions.

However, this has more to do with examples with Israel’s R&D contributions to giants like Intel, Samsung and Microsoft muting smaller fintech achievements. Among the most notable fintech deals of companies originating from Israel were ICAP’s purchase of Traiana in 2007 for $247 million, which also led to the British firm setting up a large portion of its R&D in Israel, and the IntercontinentalExchange’s $350 million buyout of SuperDerivatives announced earlier this month.

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The Risks and Rewards of Trading Exotic Currency


Forex markets usually classify currencies in three groups: major, minor and exotic currencies.  Exotic Currency is the term given to thinly traded currencies which are illiquid, lack popularity in terms of consistent market activity, and trade with high markup fees at select markets or dealers.

List of exotic currency pairs:

Since the trading patterns keep changing based on economic and geopolitical developments, the list of forex exotics may change over time. The following is an indicative list of forex exotic currencies:

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Deutsche Bank Fires Rogue Forex Trader

Story by The Sydney Morning Herald

A Deutsche Bank forex trader has been sacked and is under investigation by Australian regulators for inflating trades and costing the investment bank up to $5 million in losses, Fairfax Media can reveal.

Deutsche Bank confirmed that former currency trader Andy Donaldson was first suspended and then fired in June of this year after the bank uncovered ­irregularities in the way he was valuing his currency trades.

Deutsche Bank’s local chief executive James McMurdo declined to comment on the matter.

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How To Trade Binary Options

  • Up Down
  • One Touch
  • Options Builder
  • 60 Seconds

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