Binary Options – Scam or Legit?

Binary trading options are sometimes taken with pinch of salt in some circles and this is because of several reasons. Unlike other financial instruments, binary options not only promise huge profits in short period of time but it also uses financial lingua and that is the thing which creates great confusion among the traders who are not well-versed in financial terminologies pertaining to binary options.

Another factor that contributes to defaming of binary trading is that there are some brokers who create scams within the mechanism of trading binary options. Many people are ripped off because of such scams and they put the blame for their loss on the binary trading mechanism.

It is important to note that binary options trading is not a scam and is totally legit to invest your money to earn great profits in short time. Most of the reliable binary options brokers use business models that are trustworthy and have sound financial standing. There are a lot of brokers on the internet and each of them offers slightly different features and options so that the investors can choose the broker that matches their needs.

Some reliable brokers give bonuses and special features to new traders to encourage them to make the most of binary options trading. On the other hand, there are brokers who give very low payouts and do not have any provisions to safeguard the interest of traders. You could easily differentiate between a trustworthy binary options broker and a scam by reading some forums on the internet about the reputation of the website of broker.

When you are choosing to invest money with a good broker, you can easily see the payout percentages and other terms before investing money. You also get to choose the asset of your choice and are provided all the information about what you will get or lose depending on the outcome of the strike price.

Binary Options

Scams are everywhere, in every business. They are the ones who take advantage of the innocence and inexperience of new traders and investors. In binary options trading, you can differentiate between a scammer and legitimate broker by considering the following factors:

Country of Broker: First of all, the traders should see which country the broker belongs to. Some countries have bad reputation and poor regulatory infrastructure which results in the entry of scams in the market. Make sure you do a thorough background check before choosing a broker.

Website of broker: Good brokers have professional looking sites, features and other characteristics that can give you an idea about the credibility of site. Look at every aspect of broker’s site critically. In this way you will be able to differentiate between scams and legitimate brokers.

Research: You could do some research on your own to assess the credibility of the broker that you’re planning to deal with. You can also seek more information from them and explore forums and discussions to know about the reputation of the broker.

If you look on the internet, you could easily find a list of credible brokers who are accredited by various agencies. Moreover, you can find a list of blacklisted brokers that have been reported as spam by a lot of people. However, you need to verify the source of list as some lists are created to defame a good broker. You should determine the credibility of the list before putting your trust in it.

All these factors will help save you from fraudulent brokers.

Gary Beal