Investors Now Demand More Than Just Brokerage Services From Brokers

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It has often been said that content is king, and indeed, this remains to be true even in trading platforms. With competition in the global trading market growing by the day, brokers and trading platform providers continue to increase their service offering in a bid to retain their clients as well as attract new ones.

Derivatives Market

One of the most important features and resources of any trading platform or broker is a source of useful trading information, including up-to-the-minute breaking news, trading guides and videos, as well as overall market analysis and trends.

Binary Options

In binary options, the variety of assets traded ranges from currencies, indices and stocks, among others, which makes the market one of the most complete in the global financial markets. Here, investors from the equities market, the Forex market, commodities and precious metals are able to trade their favorite assets on the same platform.

Therefore, whether investors seek to trade the SPDR Gold ETF (GLD), the SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY) or simply Apple (AAPL) and Google (GOOG) (GOOGL), they can find all these assets on the same platform, of course along with several currency pairs.

In such circumstances, trading platforms and brokers need to provide information on all the assets covered, as well as the general market analysis. Additionally, with all the types of assets having different reactions to various market events, trading ideas and education also need to touch on every asset class.

In this case, only a section of the platforms and brokers are able to provide all this information on the same platform. There are several binary option brokers and trading platforms online. A good number of them have now taken a step forward to establishing a resourceful platform for trading information and analysis. Anyoption, which is one of the leading binary option brokers has for example, developed a very resourceful platform, anyoption trading blog for trading information and analysis.

The need for up-to-the-minute information on all assets

Binary option brokers are now looking to provide information on all the assets traded in their platforms including currencies, stocks, indices and commodities, and have an educational section where traders can learn more about binary options.

Investors are looking for informational resources that are more about informing rather than converting sales. In other words, the trading blogs need to be directed towards providing useful information to traders regardless of whether they hold an account with the platform or not.

This is a clear illustrating of the notion “content is king”, especially given the current market trends, where users are looking to know more rather than just rush straight to signing up.

Free eBooks and trading guides

Other trading blogs like the one mentioned here go to the extent of providing free eBooks and trading guides tailored to revealing the secrets to successful binary option trading, which again indicates the blog’s dedication to informing, rather than selling.

Daily trading videos

Additionally, traders can also get insightful ideas from the daily trading videos published on blogs, illustrating various trading ideas. The videos address the main trading instruments to look out for during the day, and offer long-term outlook depending on various economic events.

This feature is becoming popular among broker blogs as they seek to keep their clients on point with the market.

The interface

One of the key features of an effective trading blog is a user-friendly interface. Readers are looking to able to access the latest news, trading videos, as well as, eBooks and market analysis with a single click.

Other important interface elements to look out for include the ability to navigate form one category of asset class to another, as well as, access to useful links like the Economic Calendar, Weekly Events and a list of top posts as well.


Binary options are gaining popularity by the day, with many traders now adding it to their list of investment vehicles as online trading continues to grow. Statistics suggest that more than $3.4 trillion changes hands (electronically) per day in the Forex market. On the other hand, binary options are still in the early stages of market penetration, but the popularity is spreading like wild fire.

Nonetheless, due to the risks associated with trading, it is always good to find a platform where traders are provided with up-to-the-minute trading information, educational material and trading guides in order to sharpen their skills before making the crucial decision. The anyoption trading blog appears to provide a summative trading resource for all traders, regardless of their expertise levels.

Gary Beal