Available Markets For Binary Options Trading

Binary trading (both binary betting and binary options) is getting more and more popular all around the globe and it is fast becoming one of the most popular financial trading instruments in USA. The reason for the growth in popularity in such a short time is the flexibility it provides to its customers. One of the best features of binary trading is they can be traded against various assets. That is the reason the clients of traditional stock trading are now choosing binary betting because the trading platform is so flexible.

binary options trading

The traders of binary options have the option of diversifying their investment portfolio by investing in other assets next to stocks. At the same time it is possible to place bets against the money market, commodities such as oil, gold, silver etc. and indexes. Therefore, a successful trader can make large profits from different options at the same time by gaining exposure to different markets and getting experience in investing in different markets instead of only one.

Because the time frame of binary options and betting trades is usually small, clients can change the options they prefer according to their needs and the returns they expect and feasible methods. Thus, binary trading doesn’t build up strict boundaries for its traders to follow, but gives them the flexibility they require instead and all that while providing them with profits. There are 4 types of markets where binary betting can be utilized and they are discussed below:

a) Commodities

Binary options/Binary Bets can be placed against the official completion point of the pertinent future agreement for a particular commodity in the nearest month. This is done on daily basis. The commodities agains which the binary bets can be placed are silver, gold and light crude oil

b) Currency Market

The currency market or FOREX is where binary bets and binary options are placed against currencies. Trades are put on activities, such as the fall, rise or stagnation of the prices in different currencies. The expiry time in currency markets can be from a few hours to weeks. Some of the currencies available to customers include USD/GBP, USD/EUR, JPY/USD, CAD/USD, USD/AUD etc.

c) Shares and Stocks

Binary options and binary bets can be placed against shares and stocks of different companies. Trades are put against an individual share or stock in the future direction.

d) Indices

Binary bets and binary options can be placed on the future direction of the main indices. Bets are placed against the movement of the index toward or away from a particular index level at the closing time of the market.

There are a few other options for clients to place their trades or bets. These include FTSE, Wall Street indexes and Germany 30. The nature of these types of bets is short term rather than long term and it ranges from five to twenty minute times.

In conclusion, options available for binary traders are numerous and it depends on the trader how and where they choose to invest to make profits.