Professional Financial Trader Launches Binary Options School in Richmond Hill

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Financial Trading School founder Brian Nguyen is designing the curriculum for Diversified Options University, a new financial trading school set to open in late 2015. 

RICHMOND HILL, ON, April 7, 2015 /CNW/ – Since 2012, my educational venture Financial Trading School ( has been teaching students how to thrive in the challenging world of financial trading. binary options

Running the Financial Trading School has been an adventure, and I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished. I started the school to share my hard-won lessons with aspiring traders and I’d like to think FTS has benefited my students.

Teaching has always been my passion. In order to continue running the Financial Trading School, I’ve passed up positions in corporate finance and hedge fund management. I love helping my students, and I feel fulfillment by making a difference in others’ lives.

It’s this drive to provide great educational opportunities that led me to join the team at Diversified Options Banc ( Diversified Options Banc is now launching a brand new venture, called Diversified Options University. This training and certification institute will provide its students with a comprehensive and practical education in strategic binary options trading, and my position as their Director of Platform and Education will allow me to shape a curriculum that will benefit our students in a number of ways.

When I took on this position with Diversified Options Banc, I was invited to buy shares in the business. I bought a 34% stake in the company in order to have a strong voting presence, which will allow me to advocate for traders. As a trader myself, I know how frustrating it is to use existing systems controlled by brokers. My vision for Diversified Options Banc and Diversified Options University will see traders have more power in the process, which I believe will create a better trading experience.

You’re going to see changes this year. I want to create a better environment for traders any way I can. I hope you’ll join me at DOB and become part of a revolution in trading.

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